April 21 Weekend Roundup: A Forgettable Week of Films

Left in the blazing trails of The Fate of the Furious, none of the new films have made any significant impact at the box office. Born in China and The Promise opened at $4.8M and $4.1M respectively, well within our forecast. Unforgettable greatly underperformed most industry predictions. Meanwhile, the audience turnout for Free Fire was also notably empty and failed to gross over a million in its opening weekend.

The below chart shows our forecasts (lower bound, mean, upper bound) from last Friday next to several other industry forecasts and actual performance.

Title Actual Pilot BoxOffice.com BoxOfficeMojo.com The-Numbers.com
Born in China $4.8M ($5.1M, $5.3M, $5.4M) $5M $5.8M $6M
Unforgettable $4.8M ($6.7M, $7M, $7.5M) $9M $8.2M $8M
The Promise $4.1M ($4.4M, $4.9M, $5.5M) $3.4M $3.2M $4-5M
Free Fire $1.0M ($2.9M, $3M, $3.1M) $3-4M $2M $3-4M

We’ll be back later this week with forecasts for The Circle and How to be a Latin Lover.

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