April 7 Weekend Roundup: The Calm Before the Storm

The Boss Baby continued its box office success while the three new films this weekend premiered rather quietly. Smurfs: The Lost Village opened third behind the other two family hits at around $13M, reasonably within our forecasts.

Meanwhile, Going in Style slightly outperformed many industry predictions. Despite a fresh Rotten Tomatoes score, The Case for Christ opened with a modest $4M, perhaps straying too far from the tried-and-true single issue controversy at the core of PureFlix’s other faith-based films such as God’s Not Dead.

The below chart shows our forecasts (lower bound, mean, upper bound) from last Friday next to several other industry forecasts and actual performance.

Title Actual Pilot BoxOffice.com BoxOfficeMojo.com The-Numbers.com
Smurfs: The Lost Village $13.2M ($13.7M, $15.0M, $16.4M) $14.5M $16.0M $18M
Going in Style $11.9M ($6.8M, $7.8M, $9.0M) $9.5M $7.2M $10M
Case for Christ $4.0M ($5.2M, $6.0M, $6.8M) $3.5M $4.3M $5M

We’ll be back later this week with forecasts for The Fate of the Furious.

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