June 2 Weekend Forecast: 'Wonder Woman', 'Captain Underpants'

Wonder Woman opens this weekend to DC Extended Universe’s much needed first critical acclaim. Gal Gadot continues to draw high praise for her titular role as the first female lead in a superhero film directed by Patty Jenkins, breaking new grounds for superhero films. Our models’s final projection is an $87M opening weekend across approximately 4,165 theaters.

Captain Underpants aims to capitalize on the popular children’s novel series. The lack of social media presence hurts the film, despite its positive critical reception. Our models predict Captain Underpants to open around $28M this weekend.

Forecasts for this weekend are below. All dollar amounts are rounded to the nearest thousand, and only represent domestic opening. A larger confidence interval may represent greater variance. Confidence intervals may not be normally distributed.

Title Lower Bound Mean Upper Bound
Wonder Woman $83,908,000 $87,092,000 $90,276,000
Captain Underpants $27,548,000 $28,335,000 $29,122,000

Wonder Woman

Everything finally seems to fall in to place for DC, as Wonder Woman breaks away from the polarizing reception of previous DC Extended Universe films.

Captain Underpants

With Cars 3 and Despicable Me 3 premiering later this month, Captain Underpants may have trouble standing out among the established titans of family-animated films.

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