March 31 Weekend Forecast: 'The Boss Baby', 'Ghost in the Shell'

Beauty and the Beast continues to dominate as two new films join the fray this weekend. The latest entry from the consistent powerhouse DreamWorks Animation is The Boss Baby, projected at an approximate $42M opening. Meanwhile, Ghost in the Shell, a cyberpunk anime adaptation, appears to be on track to a disappointing $22M, a far cry from the success of Lucy.

Forecasts for this weekend are below. All dollar amounts are rounded to the nearest thousand, and only represent domestic opening. A larger confidence interval may represent greater variance. Confidence intervals may not be normally distributed.

Title Lower Bound Mean Upper Bound
The Boss Baby $39,596,000 $42,035,000 $44,475,000
Ghost in the Shell $21,935,000 $22,237,000 $22,539,000

The Boss Baby

The Boss Baby seeks to fill the familiar demand for big animated films that has not been satiated since The Lego Batman Movie back in February. Riding off the popularity of its lead voice actor Alec Baldwin — who is still buzzing from his portrayal of President Trump on Saturday Night Live — The Boss Baby is headed toward a solid $42M opening with its effective marketing campaign.

Ghost in the Shell

Despite the allure of Scarlett Johansson, the prospect of success for Ghost in the Shell appears to be impaired by the film’s lukewarm reception and controversial whitewashed casting. The action blockbuster adaptation of the cult classic anime from 22 years ago also struggles to find a core audience. Although it had early social media success, Ghost in the Shell failed to maintain sustained social media growth prior to its release. Moreover, our models forecast an underwhelming opening of around $22M.

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