Understanding Your Audience: Sentinel ARM

One question our data scientists often receive is about how the Sentinel Audience Relationship Management (ARM) platform works. How does our novel predictive marketing platform differ from traditional direct response marketing tools?

1. Timing

Sentinel can provide audience insights prior to the commencement of a marketing campaign based on analysis of previous audience ratings and neighborhoods of taste.

When a film’s first trailer debuts, the ARM platform utilizes sophisticated natural language processing to immediately analyze hundreds of thousands of posts across different social media networks.

2. Sentiment, Awareness, and Intent

Existing basic data aggregation tools provide simple quantitative analyses such as total social media volume or a sentiment ratio of positive to negative posts.

The Sentinel ARM dives one level deeper by analyzing thousands of trailer comments for qualitative viewer insights that can be leveraged immediately in consecutive sub-campaigns. Furthermore, the platform analyzes audience reactions to quantify awareness of a film versus an individual’s actual intent to attend.

3. Audience Segmentation and Brands

Part of Sentinel’s back-end relies on a hybrid recommendation system, powerfully combining both user characteristics — their demographics and social media activity — and content-based characteristics — the genre and plot of a film, for example — to segment audiences into different categories.

The platform manages to sift through the noise of social media through rigorous statistical hypothesis testing. This ensures that a particular set of viewers is more or less likely to like a target brand or interest in a statistically significant way.

In turn, these valuable insights can drive immediately actionable marketing decisions. For instance, if a film has upcoming television spots, Sentinel can determine the optimal network and program for a precisely targeted campaign that ultimately drives viewer intent.

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In the coming month, we’ll be publishing a comprehensive analysis of race, gender, and age diversity in Hollywood alongside our Oscar predictions.

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